I was crouching on the sidewalk at the corner of 14th and 6th avenue, my hands wrapped around my stomach, face scrunched in pain and beads of sweat collecting on my upper lip.

Just breathe, I said to myself gently.

I was in pain. Again.

My stomach felt like an angry monster was trying to claw its way out, punching against the inside of my belly, the taughtness of my skin pressing uncomfortably against the stiffness of my raw denim shorts.

I gazed up at my friend, hovering above me with a look of worry.

Are you okay?

Yes, but I don't think I can go to the party, I just need to go home.

I had been here so many times before 😣

Unexplainable stomach pains, weird bloating, digestion-related cramps, and just an overall feeling of "something's not right."

This particular summer day I was missing a party with friends.

Other times it was cancelled dates, nights out with friends that turned to me sipping ginger ale and bitters at the bar to try and ease the discomfort I felt in my tummy, vacations where I dreaded putting on a swimsuit because I felt 6 months pregnant of bloat and travel gut.

I suffered from weird digestion for years. To the point where I saw sevearl doctors - both western medicine, naturopaths, accupuncturists and herbalists and all of them said something similar -- your tests looks normal. You're fine!

But I left their offices feeling discouraged...

aka FEELING VERY NOT FINE, and downright 💤 tiredddddd of feeling this way💤

Sound familiar?

If so, then WELCOME! I am so glad you're here.

For years I suffered from unexplainable digestive issues. Bloating, painful stomach aches, constipation, more bloating, you name it...

I went to doctors, changed diets, tested for hormone imbalances... all the while experiencing ebbs and flows of weeks where I felt completely fine to weeks where I was curled up in a ball of pain or with a stomach so bloated I looked 7 months pregnant.

You too? Awesome (well, not really) but if you're perked up thinking "hey Selena, me too!" then you're in the right place.

Naturally I (and doctors) turned to question the food I was eating.

So I fixated on it. I obsessed about the food I was eating (and how much of it) in a desperate attempt to feel in control of how I was feeling.

And of course the media and diet culture didn't help this obsession...

Long story, short: it didn't work.

In my years of self exploration searching for answers and remedies, I uncovered something far deeper than digestive support.

Here's the thing: Unless you have a legitimate allergy or medical issue impairing your digestion, it's not about the food.

Enter this course, a complete health guide to all things other than food!

Which brings you - and me - here. Welcome! This course is going to f-ing 👏🏻change 👏🏻your👏🏻 life.

This course is for Everybody, whether you experience daily digestive issues or the occasional discomfort (such as when traveling, menstruating, heavy eating - hello, holidays) or you're looking for techniques to take really good care of yourelf.

What's Included

->Welcome and Meet Selena

->How to use this course

->Stress 101: Your brain and nervous system on stress, how it affects your overall health and what to do about it

->Breath Guide: Top 3 breathing techniques to decrease stress and restore balance to the body, with recorded audio for easy-to-follow anywhere practices

->Movement Guide: Top 10 postures to optimize digestive function and ease abdominal discomfort (photos + explanations, downloadable version included)

->Sleep Guide: 4 sleep hygiene tips for consistently good sleep and why it's imperative to your overall health

->Tips and Tricks: Additional resources and tried-and-true out of the box remedies to improve your digestion

->Additional next steps: nobody left behind



How long does the course take to complete?

The course is self-paced, allowing you to move at your own pace and revisit anytime. There are 4 modules and each will take 30-45 minutes.

What if I don't really have digestion issues, will I still benefit from this course?

OMG yes! You'll soon find that we're not really talking about digestion, we're talking about stress and how beautifully connected the mind and body are.

Do I need to be good at yoga?

Absolutely not! This course incorporates yoga poses that are perfect for complete beginners to advanced yoga practitioners, to people who have zero desire to ever "do yoga." We use the poses to support your body and mind to find balance, ease and calm.

What format is the content?

Look forward to a mix of engaging videos, audio recordings, text, downloadable PDFs and journal prompts for you to integrate the material with your unique learning style and into your unique life.

Do I need to take notes?

Nope! If you like to, by all means -but know that this course and tools are available for you to revisit anytime! And the downloadable PDFs are awesome to take with you on a trip or leave by your bed for

What if I have more questions after the course?

I'm here for you! Every body is unique and I absolutely love helping people find freedom in their body, minds, spirit, life and dreams.

Send me an email: [email protected]

P.S. want to take this work even deeper? You might be the perfect candidate for 1:1 coaching with me. Send me an email to inquire.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! My name is Selena, I am a yoga teacher, reiki healer and a certified health and life coach, based in New York City. 

I share tools to live a radiant life full of wellbeing. That starts by living a lifestyle that nourishes your whole Self.

body | yoga and movement

mind | coaching and journaling

spirit | reiki and meditation

My work is grounded in yoga and mindfulness, using these tools to spark joy in all areas of your life.

Want to learn more? visit selenamaisonpierre.com